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Thanks for expressing an interest in maintaining, organizing, and educating yourself, and your family, about your personal finances!

What's been going on...

Senator Jehlen Congratulates Medford's Jameel Webb Davis on Award for Entrepreneurship

Senator Jehlen with Jameel
Webb-Davis at State House Day

Senator Patricia D. Jehlen congratulates Jameel Webb-Davis, a Medford based financial advisor, at a recent Center for Women and Enterprise event honoring female entrepreneurs. Read more about it...

The Women's Congress

Start Money Smart had a booth at The Women's Congress which took place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. With more than 3000 people in attendance, it was a great opportunity for us to obtain new clients and network with other women business owners. Jameel had the opportunity to speak on each day of the two-day event, giving her the opportunity to promote her seminars and spread the message on the need for education. For more information on this conference and its keynote speakers go to www.TheWomensCongress.com

What's coming up...

The Faith Christian Church of Dorchester is celebrating their 27th Anniversary from April 26th through the 29th. The theme of the weekend will be "Total Health", in which they will be offering workshops and seminars. They've asked Jameel to speak on Financial Health on Saturday April 28th at 9:30AM. Find out where Jameel has spoken before!

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What are your kids doing over Spring Break?

When: April 16th - 20th

Where: #2 Militia Drive, Lexington (next to Grace Chapel)

What: For Teenagers (ages 13 - 18)

  • Money Myths & More
  • All About Checking Accounts
  • All About Paychecks
  • Be Smart About Credit Cards
  • Paying Bills is NOT Common Sense

For Parents/Adults (ages 21+) - Saturday Classes March 31st, April 7th, and April 14th

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The Myths of Personal Finance

Myth #3 - Men understand money better than Women.

Does anyone believe this anymore? We're in the 21st century. A woman is seriously being considered for President of the United States. Is there anyone around that still thinks women can't do everything men can do?

Absolutely. And even if you think you're not one of them, think again.

Men and women still play specific roles in our society. Men are strong - women are beautiful. Men provide children - women raise children. Men make the money - women spend the money. And even though we are flooded with examples of instances where women and men don't reflect these stereotypes - the underlying social assumption is still there.

Within many cultures in this country, plenty of people still believe these things. And even if you don't, be prepared that your financial partner does.

Some people are relieved to get into a relationship with someone who makes the money - woman or man. The feeling is that if they make money, they know how to manage money. Since men still make more money than women in this country, most of the time it's the woman gladly stepping aside and letting her male partner handle the bills.

However, regardless of the gender it still takes two to make any relationship work - that includes a financial relationship. Managing your personal finances is not a gender issue.

Start Money Smart has classes for adults, parents, and teenagers that address these and other myths regarding money. Check out our website for more information.

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It's not what you make, it's what you OWE!

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