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April 3, 2008

Start Money Smart in the Boston Banner

The Boston Banner

A call to business led to one of her own

By Jin-ah Kim

It's 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and beneath the large windows in her home office, Jameel Webb-Davis is a blur.

One minute, she's closing manila folders stuffed with paper and stacking them on her wooden desk. The next minute, she's racing downstairs into the kitchen, where she hurriedly packs pineapple slices into Tupperware, grabs a banana and a container of yogurt, and hunts for her 3-year-old son Quinton's favorite red lunchbox. When the search goes south, she settles on a brown paper bag.

Snacks packed, she rushes out to the backyard, where she hops in her blue station wagon. After picking Quinton up from the child care center in their Medford neighborhood, Webb-Davis points the wagon north to Haverhill, where she is running the fourth session in her five-workshop series for high school students and their parents.

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Fall, 2007

Diversity Boston of the Boston Globe Women
Take Care of Business Pay attention to what you're passionate about and everything will
fall into place.

Boston Globe - Diversity Boston Supplement

When Jameel Webb-Davis decided to start her own personal finance business, she left behind a prestigious job at a Fortune 500 company. There were bills to pay, two mortgages to support, and a two-year-old son to raise, but she took the leap and has never looked back. "I felt like I was getting a huge paycheck but not contributing to the world," says Webb-Davis, who managed financial data for actuaries. "I was tired of helping rich people get richer."

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September 11, 2007

Start Money Smart featured in Boston Now newspaper

BostonNOW - Having Money Smarts

Woman started own company to teach financial literacy

By Scott Wachtler

For 16 years Jameel Webb-Davis worked for a multi-billion dollar insurance company managing financial data for actuaries. It was a job she was good at and made a very good living. However, shortly after a big promotion, her conscience started bothering her. "I felt like something was wrong," Webb-Davis said. "I felt like I wasn't doing anything that was really [important]. I wasn't doing anything to help anybody."

March 12, 2007

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Senator Jehlen with Jameel Webb-Davis at State House Day

Senator Jehlen Congratulates Medford's Jameel Webb Davis on Award for Entrepreneurship

State House Press Release - Senator Patricia D. Jehlen congratulates Jameel Webb-Davis, a Medford based financial advisor, at a recent Center for Women and Enterprise event honoring female entrepreneurs. Webb-Davis was recognized by the Center for Women and Enterprise on March 1, 2007 for her Start Money Smart Program, which provides high school and middle school students with a basic personal financial management education. Webb Davis' seminars provide practical lessons to students such as how to balance a checkbook, how to avoid bouncing a check and how to manage personal finances.

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March 1, 2007

Jameel Webb-Davis at State House Day

The Center for Women & Enterprise hosted their annual State House Day. This event gives CWE the opportunity to show legislators all that they do in helping women empower themselves to become economically self-sufficient and prosperous through entrepreneurship. Every year the Center nominates a handful of women to have a booth right in the Great Hall at the Massachusetts State House. They invite legislators as well as current clients, and allow the entrepreneurs to meet and speak to their own legislators about their business. Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor, Tim Murray spoke at the event as well as Representative Alice Wolf, and Representative Vincent Pedone. Jameel Webb-Davis was one of three women asked to speak at the event about starting her business and the role CWE has played.

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January, 2007

Thank you note from seminar attendees

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Start Money Smart, previously MJOrganizers was approached by Carol Ireland who runs several wonderful programs at Haverhill High School. The Young Women's Group and the Young Parents Group attended a four week seminar offered by Start Money Smart, previously MJOrganizers to learn the basics of personal finance. Once a week we covered topics like dispelling common money myths, how paychecks work, how credit cards work, and how to pay your bills on time. The response from the teenagers was extremely positive and Jameel hopes this is just the first step in getting information like this incorporated into all school curriculums.

Jameel Webb-Davis at the Haverhill High School Personal finance seminar attendees

December 6, 2006

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Jameel Webb-Davis at the Conference for Women

Start Money Smart, previously MJOrganizers had a booth at the annual Massachusetts Conference for Women which took place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. With more than 4000 people in attendance, it was a great opportunity for us to obtain new clients and network with other women business owners. The most rewarding aspect was the opportunity to relay the message for more education regarding the basics of personal finance to young people and adults. For more information on this conference and its sponsors go to www.MAConferenceForWomen.org.

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December, 2006

Center for Women & Enterprise

The Center for Women & Enterprise is a wonderful organization dedicated to empowering women to become economically self-sufficient and prosperous through entrepreneurship. Every year they feature women and their stories in their annual report for the individual and corporate donors that contribute to CWE's success in making a difference. This year, Start Money Smart, previously MJOrganizers was included in this report with an article describing how Jameel Webb-Davis decided to start this company. For more information regarding CWE and their services, go to www.cweonline.org.

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