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I greatly appreciate you taking time to hear your most informative discussion on managing finances at the Women's Economic Forum today. I have started to implement your system and already I feel much better about managing my finances. This workshop could not have come at a better time. Yesterday, I became very upset on how to find an alternate system to control my expenses because I feeling overwhelmed. Since I relocated here and started to live independently, I constantly feared about handing my bills. After hearing your clients' testimonies, I was relieved to know that it affects everyone in all socio-economic levels.

Kristi H.
Women's Economic Forum, Simmons College

This session was really good. I actually learned a lot about the value and importance of money and about checking accts! It felt like a real life experience. She was great!

This session changed my whole look on life. Now I want to open a bank account and begin saving my money to do things the right way.

The way I handle my money will be different now. I will save a little each month to get interest on it. I will save money for better use in the future like college.

Money management is the key, whether is a lot or a little. I'll spend only on what I need. I will manage my money better to get a sense of power, control and respect.

Teens attending
United Way Mothers, Daughters and Money conference

She's great, very knowledgeable, very interesting. I learned a lot. She should have her own show! - Joy S.

Very informative. She is very friendly and outgoing. I learned a lot about individual investment accounts - Dolores W.

Took the time to answer all questions even if it wasn't directly related to the current topic. Information was very helpful and useful. The information was not something you hear about everyday. This class was extremely helpful. I appreciate your time. You are great!! - Diondra B.

Women @ Work
St. Mary's Women & Children's Center

Very good and useful information that even most adults do not know. - Angela N.

The speaker was excellent and I understood all the topics. I have realized that the information I have just received is very good to my financial future. - Reginah S.

The speaker is very good and explains very well. She should keep it up. - Lydia F.

Home Workshop for Teens

I enjoyed this class. I feel better about myself (financially) with my new found awareness! Please continue to do outreach to people like me who need your expertise and help. You make an AMAZING difference certainly in my life. I can't thank you enough!! And with this I say thank you very much. - Joan A.

I really enjoyed this program. I hope that I'll be able to keep on with these changes for this has changed my life. May God bless you all. Thank you so much! - S.C.

I found Mrs. Davis to be very knowledgeable. She made the session very interesting and always remained enthusiastic. Thanks again! - K.C.

I enjoyed the many different topics especially the creative ways to earn extra money, and ways that I can save as little as $10 a week. Cynthia B.

Thank you very much for the time that you spent. I thought I knew it all and here you come and make me understand the things I thought I already knew! Thanks again. Tabitha A.

Fresh Start Students
Crittenton Women's Union

She really knows what she's talking about. The things she said are very useful and things we need to know. - Chantel P.

She was really helpful and a good educator. I learned a lot about credit cards and debt. - Juan F.

Interaction w/ groups was excellent. Spoke in a language that they were able to understand. - Muriel D.

Haverhill High School

On behalf of the Young Women's Group and Teen Parent Group at Haverhill High School, thank you ever so much for your generosity, time and wisdom in helping us to navigate the challenge of managing money!! We sure wish this was a course we could take at school - we all need it!!

Carol Ireland
Haverhill High School

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